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Booking Terms:

Our Booking Terms set out clearly and simply the responsibilities which we at Golden Compass Tours Pty Ltd. have to you and which you in turn have to us when a contract is made between us. The contract is made when you submit a signed Registration Form and we accept it by dispatching written confirmation. When signing the Registration Form for your tour or tours, you sign on behalf of yourself and all of your party, that you have read, understood and accepted these Booking Terms and the tour information provided. Your obligation is to pay the price of the tour and recognise your liabilities if you wish to alter the tour or have to make a cancellation. On our part we have obligations to provide you with the tour you have booked. Your contract is entered into with Golden Compass Tours Pty Ltd. ("the Company").

Your Contract with us

1. You pay a deposit - When you make your booking you must  sign and submit a Registration Form, accepting on behalf of all your party the Booking Terms and pay a deposit in Australian Dollars of $500 for each international tour.

2. You pay the balance

a) An invoice for the balance due will be sent to the person signing the Registration Form before departure (or with the confirmation for bookings received less than 12 weeks before departure).  The full amount outstanding must be received by the Company no later than 80 days before departure (or by return for bookings/additional travel arrangements made 80 days or less before your departure date).

b)If the Company does not receive the full amount outstanding on the balance invoice by the due date, the Company reserves the right, at its discretion, at any subsequent time before departure to cancel the booking, retain deposits paid and charge cancellation charges in accordance with the scale set out in paragraph 4.

c) After receipt of balance monies the Company will send your final travel documents approximately 2-3 weeks before your departure.

A surcharge may be imposed for payments made by credit card (MasterCard and Visa) of up to 1.5%.

3. If you change your booking - If, after our confirmation of travel arrangements has been made, you wish to change your tour / travel arrangements or your departure date, we will do our utmost to make the changes, provided that notification is received at our offices from the person who signed the Registration Form at least 80 days before departure. This must be accompanied by a payment of AU$50 per paying person to cover administration costs and you may also be liable for any additional costs charged by suppliers. Any alteration by you within 80 days of departure may be treated as a cancellation of the original booking and may be subject to the cancellation charges set out below.

4. If you cancel your booking - You, or any member of your party, may cancel your booking at any time provided that cancellation is made by the person signing the Registration Form, and is communicated to the Company in writing. As this incurs administrative costs we will retain your deposit and, in addition, apply cancellation charges up to the maximum amounts shown below:

Amount of cancellation charge

Period before departure within which written cancellation is received

Amount of cancellation charge shown as % of holiday price

More than 80 days deposit received*
61-79 days 50% of tour cost
46 – 60 days 75% of tour cost
Fewer than 45 days 100% of tour cost

*At the sole discretion of Golden Compass Tours, this deposit may be credited to another Golden Compass tour within 12 months of the original tour you booked.

N.B. Any name changes after the balance due date will be treated as a cancellation and new booking. (You may be able to reclaim these charges if the reason for cancellation is covered under the terms of your travel  insurance).

5. Statutory authorities - The Company reserves the right to modify itineraries to conform with requests from competent authorities in Australia and any other sovereign state through which the tour runs.

6. Conditions of carriage - When you travel with a carrier (by air, land, or sea) the conditions of carriage of the carrier providing the transport apply and are subject to National and International conditions which may limit or exclude liability.

7. Tour participation - The person signing the Registration Form accepts responsibility for the good conduct of all participants during the tour, and if in the opinion of the accommodation owner, manager, a member of staff, coach driver or an airline pilot, any participant is thought to be unfit to travel, or likely to cause distress to other passengers or should anyone be refused admission to the coach, ferry, flight or destination country by the transport or government authority, then the Company is authorised to terminate the contract which will require the participant to leave the accommodation or mode of transport. This includes any passenger who fails to disclose a medical condition or disability when making a booking on a tour.  If you are prevented from travelling as a result of your condition, our responsibility for your tour arrangements thereupon ceases. Full cancellation charges will apply and the company will be under no obligation whatsoever for any refund, compensation or loss you may incur.

Undertaking long-distance flights and participating in a travel program requires physical stamina. Your level of physical fitness will greatly affect what you get out of a tour, irrespective of your age. Each tour contains a summary of the physical requirements of that tour (tours are classified as “Easy”, “Moderate” or “Advanced”). We urge you to consider this information carefully. All of our tours require the ability to walk as a group for 90 minutes or more at a moderate pace with only short breaks, get on and off coaches unassisted, move your luggage a short distance if required and involve day and evening activities such as visits to archaeological sites and evening concerts.

If you require more detail about the physical requirements of a tour, please contact us to discuss them. If you have a chronic condition or are recovering from a major illness we encourage you to speak to your GP before booking. If we are concerned about your ability to meet the requirements we may contact you for further information.

8. Travel Insurance & Travel Advice - It is a mandatory requirement to have a current comprehensive travel insurance policy for all Golden Compass Tours programs. This insurance is to include cover for loss of deposits as well as medical treatment and special services cover. It is the responsibility of travellers to acquaint themselves with the destination and official travel advisory notices and obtain their own advice on vaccination precautions applicable to each destination.

9. Passports & Visas - It is your responsibility to ensure you have in your possession a valid passport and where necessary, the correct visa/s. All participants require a valid passport valid for 6 months after their tour return date and may require visas. Some countries require multiple visas. For specific Visa requirements at time of booking please contact your Travel agent or Golden Compass Tours for more details. Golden Compass Tours will not be responsible for advising and/or obtaining required travel documentation for any guest, or for any delays, damages, and/or losses including missed portions of your tour related to improper documentation. Due to government imposed security/immigration measures, passport and emergency contact information is required for all guests prior to the release of travel documents.

10. If you have a complaint - Should you have a complaint, you should inform us, our agent or representative immediately so that we are given the opportunity to remedy the situation whilst you are still on tour. If it cannot be resolved locally you should inform the Company using the contact procedure which will have been advised to you with your travel documents. If you fail to follow this procedure we cannot accept responsibility as we have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify the problem.  The Company will do everything possible to help you. If the matter cannot be put right on the spot you must follow it up with a letter / email  and / or Golden Compass Tours Complaint Form to the Company within 28 days of the date on which the tour concluded. If you fail to notify us in accordance with this clause, we regret we cannot accept any liability. The Company normally expects to agree an amicable settlement of the few complaints received.

Our promise to you

1. We reserve your tour - After we have provisionally confirmed that we have available space on the tour of your choice, a written confirmation will be forwarded to you with receipt of your deposit and signed Registration Form.  The Contract is made between us when we dispatch this written confirmation. You must check the details/amounts on the Confirmation carefully and contact us immediately should you have any queries.

2. Our prices - The prices of our tours are subject to surcharges due to: Government Action (for example, a change in the rate of VAT / GST) and currency exchange fluctuation. If an applied surcharge means paying in addition, more than 10% of the original tour cost, you will be entitled to cancel your tour with a full refund of all money paid except for any premium paid to us for travel insurance and amendment charges. Should you decide to cancel for this reason, you must exercise your right to do so within 14 days from the issued date printed on your re-costed invoice.  The exchange rates used in our brochure were correct as at 31 October 2017.

3. If we change your booking - The arrangements for tours are often made many months in advance and changes are sometimes unavoidable. We reserve the right to change the arrangements at any time. For the most part these changes will be minor. No compensation is payable in respect of minor changes to tour inclusions. Important Note: Compensation payments do not apply to changes caused by reason of war, or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, technical problems to transport, closure or congestion of ports or airports, adverse weather conditions, government action, cancellation or changes by carriers or hoteliers, "force majeure" and or Acts of God or any other events and circumstances beyond our control.

Where a significant change is necessary we will notify you immediately. A significant change, for example, is one that involves: altering your departure date by more than 24 hours, reducing the quality of your hotel, or a change of tour itinerary which involves a destination being completely eliminated from the advised itinerary.  This does not apply to single stay overnight hotels while touring. In the event of a significant change after dispatch of the written confirmation of your booking you may decide (a) to continue with the tour as altered by us or (b) to accept an alternate tour which we may offer to you or (c) to cancel your tour. If you choose (a) or (b) we will pay you compensation on the scale below:                    

Period before departure within which a significant change is notified to you

Compensation per paying person

More than 42 days Nil
28-41 days $20
15-27 days $30
14 days or less $50

4. If we cancel your booking - We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your tour.  However, in no case will we cancel your tour less than 8 weeks before the scheduled departure date except for reasons of force majeure/Act of God, the reasons stated in point 3 above, or failure on your part to pay the final balance. In other circumstances where we are unable to provide the tour booked we will return to you all monies paid or offer you an alternative tour of comparable standard  and if a cancellation occurs within 8 weeks of departure, compensate on a similar scale to that shown under the heading "If we change your booking" above.

5. What happens to complaints - We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 business days, and keep you informed of the progress of your complaint throughout our complaint resolution process.

We are committed to resolving your complaint within 10 business days of you lodging your complaint, however, this may not always be possible on every occasion. Where we have been unable to resolve your complaint within 10 business days, we will inform you of the reason for the delay and specify a date when we will be in a position to finalise your complaint.

Liability and risk statement

Changes - The tour operator shall be responsible to the participant for supplying the services and accommodations described in this brochure, except where they cannot be supplied or the itinerary is changed due to delays or other causes of whatever kind or nature beyond the tour operator’s control. In such circumstances, the tour operator will seek to supply comparable services, accommodations and itineraries and there shall be no refund in these circumstances.

Disclaimer of Liability - Neither the tour operator nor its agents or affiliated entities shall be responsible or liable for cancellations, acts of other service providers, diversions or substitution of equipment or any act, variation, postponement, omission or default by air carriers, land carriers, hoteliers or hotels, transportation companies, or any other persons providing services or accommodations to guests including any results thereof, such as changes in services, accommodations or facilities. Nor shall they be liable for loss or damage to baggage or property, or for injury, illness or death, or for any damages or claims whatsoever arising from loss, negligence or delay from the act, error, omission default or negligence of any person not its direct employee or under its exclusive control, including any act, error, omission, default, or negligence of any country, government or governmental authority, officer or employee.

Golden Compass Tours shall not be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages. All baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances at the risk of the tour participant. Golden Compass Tours recommends that the participant obtain baggage insurance. After return at the end of the tour, if lost articles are found and returned to the owner, a service fee will be charged. The Program Leaders, carriers, hotels and other suppliers who provide services on tour are independent contractors; they are not agents, employees or servants of Golden Compass Tours or its associated companies. All certificates and other travel documents for services issued by the tour operator are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the carriers and suppliers and to the laws of the countries in which the services are supplied. Carriage by sea is subject to the Carrier’s Conditions of Carriage. The tour operator is not responsible for any criminal or other conduct by third parties, whether criminal, intentional, grossly negligent, negligent or otherwise.

International Treaties - Transportation companies, airlines etc. are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time participants are not on board planes, transportation or conveyances. We rely on international convention which may apply to the services provided by us, our suppliers or agents with respect to any claim of any nature brought by you against us as a result of the provision of those services. International conventions which apply may include: Warsaw Convention 1929, (as amended by Hague Protocol and Montreal Protocol) in relation to air travel, or Montreal Convention; the Berne Convention for rail travel; Athens Convention 1974 for carriage by sea; the Geneva Convention for carriage by road and the Paris Convention 1962 for Hotels. We are to be regarded as having all the benefits of these conventions on limiting our liability in relation to any claim for death, injury, loss, damage and delay to guests and luggage. Enrolment in and payment for a tour shall constitute agreement and acceptance by the participant of the terms and conditions in this brochure. These cannot be varied except in writing by an officer of the Company.

Golden Compass Tours Pty Ltd. Limited Role - Golden Compass Tours Pty Ltd. is only responsible for the services of reservations and ticketing. It does not accept any responsibility or liability for any of the acts, omissions or defaults, whether negligent or otherwise, of any of the companies of the Golden Compass group of companies. All matters arising in relation to the services provided by Golden Compass Pty Ltd., but not in respect of other things, are subject to Australian Law.


All contracts with Golden Compass Tours Pty Ltd. are governed by Australian Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian Courts.

You understand that future Golden Compass Tours Pty Ltd. advertising or publicity material may include statements made by clients, or their photographs, and you consent to such use of your comments and or photographic likeness.

Every effort is made to ensure brochure accuracy at the time of going to press; however Golden Compass Tours Pty Ltd. cannot be held responsible for typographical errors or errors arising from unforeseen circumstances.

GC AU 11/17